Inspiration 2016

Onyx & Smoke

Inspiration 2016

O&S Design Director Emma Mathews gives us a little insight into where the inspiration for a few of her favorite cushions collections came from in 2016.

Mustard / Turmeric has been HUGE for Onyx in 2016

Velvet & Mustard what was not to love right?

Emma's love of mustard started way back in her early adolescence growing up in the South West - Margaret River she would visit the Sunday markets in the little town square car park and pick up vintage finds.

Many of which she still treasures still today. One of these finds were a set of Australian made cup and saucer sets with native foliage painted on them in mustard. These cups inspired our first mustard cushion in 2016 the Vintage Round Buttoned Cushion which after its amazingly popular reception we then expanded to our Round Floor Cushions & scatters.

Olive green Moss green Forest green & Limited Edition Foliage Collections.

The inspiration for our green Collections came firstly from Emma love of all things botanical.

Emma has always included indoor plants in her home in fact shes a self confessed plant addict!

Em often visits a cafe in Mt Hawthorn Perth that has amazing gardens & ponds called Casa Bianchi during the design stages.

Here is where she created her limited edition foliage cushions using the inspiration from the mix of greens you see in nature - each leaf having various shades of green mixed with in one leaf.