Its safe to say my love with Onyx + Smoke started as a result of discovering an original idea.

It was an original concept boldly created by Emma after recognizing a gap in the market. I was so drawn to it, as it was something I had never seen before, with the client being able to create their desired designs with Onyx + Smoke being the enabler.

Nowadays, trends are forced down our throats whilst being dedicated to what is considered "hot or not". Originality is often shunned and copy-cat behavior is happening amongst even the big boys - passing it off as their own. 

With that Onyx + Smoke takes it all in their stride and only gets better with age. You want a box floor with a cover that can be machine washed - they have it. You want a velvet front with linen back - they can do it. You want a velvet round that wont look limp and tired after 2 weeks - you're in the right place. Not only is the idea exceptional, the quality goes without saying. 

In the design industry, specifying products happens daily and is almost like a letter of recommendation. And why would we recommend something that wasn't worth the paper it was written on? It just isn't viable. 

One of the many benefits of this product is it being made in Perth, Australia. Each day, Emma is able to view the products being made only minutes from our studio. 

She is in control and is able to oversee the quality, unlike many of competitors. After watching a documentary some time ago about ethical production, this is of huge importance to me, both personally and professionally. The workers are in safe and comfortable environments with proper training and equipment and receive appropriate  remuneration, unlike others that create your $5 cushion from chain stores (there's a reason why they're so cheap).

In my line of work, I encourage those who buy well but buy less. Wouldn't you rather have 2 beautiful locally made cushions in your room (#supportlocal), as opposed to 10x cheap ones that basically expire by the time the newest reno show  appears on your telly?! Do it once, do it well but do it properly - what we often tell our clients when purchasing items for their home or renovating their bathroom.

The Onyx + Smoke products I am drawn to most and favor are ones that are simple and understated. As most pieces in my home are black/grey based, the soft furnishings reflect this.  More often than not, I wear black (from my black Chanel bag to black Celine sunglasses) which only emulates throughout my home. 

The soft velvet cushions with their perfectly piped edges and strong "chop" are what I sit on my sofa, with the original boxed floor cushion for evenings like tonight when I'm wanting to work at my coffee table (which my husband loves as I'm close by, rather than in our study).

The quilted velvet is also divine in that it adds dept to another layer of black I have in my home (queue - Wednesday Adams) with the grey breaking it up ever so slightly.

I'm so lucky to do what I love as people spend their whole lives working for the "man" in a job that they have no passion or drive to do. Onyx + Smoke is a brand I'm so proud to work with and Emma has become a close friend  and business mentor (often reminding me to challenge and push myself when I feel like I can't give anymore). This is just the start for this brand, and my-oh-my the future is bright!. 

Natalie Andre

Cott Refurbs & Finishes